Personas are a great communication tool for bringing customer behaviours to life.  They are critical in affording stakeholders the opportunity to develop empathy with different customer types. 

We create a rich picture of different, relevant customer groupings – focused on their needs when interacting with a particular brand/product/service. This process facilitates the creation of actionable opportunities – practical ways we can improve the customer/user experience.


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Our Approach

During the persona creation process we synthesize customer research to group user behaviours into 4-6 personas representing the goals and needs of the customer groups.

The core goals are defined and then character detail is incorporated.  It is imperative that user personas are based on real data.

Persona Services

sub light personas

Light Personas

We have the capacity to create light, sometimes hypothetical personas, to inspire strategic thinking and provide a platform for more detailed persona work. 
SUB detailed persona

Detailed Personas

We create high-fidelity, data-driven personas which are grounded in primary research.

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