Customer Interviews

As part of our customer research offering we carry out interviews.  These can be highly structured, semi-structured or loosely structured; depending on a client’s requirements. 

We use these interviews to gather qualitative information relating to user goals, needs and pain points.

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Our Customer Interview Approach

At Customer we take a project-specific approach, tailoring our methodology to a given context or business case. This may range from conducting a casual conversation over zoom, or may involve travelling around the country speaking to participants in their natural setting. 

We aim to conduct customer interviews in an authentic context and adopt empathy as a critical mind-set.  We believe an anthropological approach is the optimal way to customer interviews and tend to incorporate observational study during interview sessions.  Key outputs from this research include personal anecdotes and quotations.

We transcribe and record all interviews for analysis. After coding the data we tend to cross-reference the data with a more quantitative approach such as a user survey.

Customer Interviews Services


Face to Face Interviews

We conduct in-person interviews, where we sit side-by-side with a research participant to discuss a particular subject in-detail. 
guerilla inerviews

Guerilla Interviews

These types of interviews are shorter, tend to be less structured and are more spontaneous. They are conducted in-situ with general members of the public.
remote interviews

Remote Interviews

These types of interviews are conducted using a remote working software tool such as Zoom. We organise a video call for the purpose of the interview. 

Diary Studies

Interview’s often form part of our diary study approach. Diary Study participants are interviewed at different stages of the study to understand how their perceptions change over time in relation to a particular product/service/subject. 

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