About us

Our user research process uncovers the detailed understandings required to deliver effective products that work for both users and your business.

We present findings as beautiful deliverables that communicate the understandings to clients and stakeholders alike.

Understanding your users is critical to your success we use stakeholder interviews, surveys, user interviews and focus groups as well as interrogating data and analytics.


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CustomerInsight.co puts people first. We know a UX project is only as good as the professionals working on it – so we spend time making sure the right people are assigned to the right tasks.
We’re proud to boast a tightly-knit team of researchers, UX designers and UI designers who know how to get the best out of each other – and a project.

Our Values



We are an inclusive, diverse team and advocate the importance of racial and gender equality.

Build Potential

We champion the voices of young people in the workplace and hope to challenge ageist assumptions.

Equal Impact

We have a horizontal company structure and value the different attributes of all individuals equally.

People First

People exist at the heart of CustomerInsight.co, employee wellbeing is incredibly important at our company.


We are open to different ideas, opportunities and people. We respect others and are flexible.


We are building our expertise to work on projects which have a positive impact on society.